Makeup for the Work Day: A Guide to Update Your Makeup Basics

by Rachel Yeomans | April 12th, 2012   

How many times have you worn an amazing outfit and the look falters entirely because of a bad hair day or poorly-applied eyeliner? When I first started wearing makeup, my mother took me to a Clinique beauty counter at the shopping mall, and I was walked through a step-by-step guide on how to wear makeup using the Clinique products. I was even given a book to take home as a reminder! I followed that book religiously every morning when I put makeup on – I never strayed. I love experimenting with clothes and layering and seeing what combinations I can put together (in high school, I was known for wearing a different cloche or fedora every day). But when it comes to makeup, every time I’ve experimented, I have almost always failed. My “smoky eye?” That one’s definitely down on my personal “don’t try this at home” list.

With that being said, I have a very clear makeup regimen from which I never stray – just like in my first days of wearing makeup. But what if that process is slightly flawed? I only learned that I should add highlighter to my regimen a mere year ago! So for those of you like me, what if we need to go back to our basics and get an updated lesson? Just like our education, much has changed since high school and college! And much has definitely changed since my visit to the Clinique counter.

The above video was created by Soho Beauty, who I’m currently collaborating with to provide an upcoming giveaway (stay tuned)! So after years of putting powder on every area of my face versus just on the edges, I now know what I’m doing differently when applying my makeup tomorrow! Also, the smudge brush? Genius. Soho Beauty is sending me several brushes to test some of these tips at home to switch up my pre-work day makeup routine. I shall report back on the progress of reworking my regimen – let’s hope a smoky eye repeat doesn’t occur!

While I’m debating between the eyeliner brush versus the brow comb, you can actually win your choice of 4 of any of the 8 brushes used in the video by re-pinning the video pin on Pinterest. Click HERE to re-pin and enter.

Now…back to my brushes.