Glamour Turns the Recession to Your Shopper-tunity

by Rachel Yeomans | September 19th, 2009   

Magazines are suffering in this economy, but that doesn’t mean magazine readers have to as well! Glamour Magazine is turning the recession into an ingenious business opportunity to gain new readers and make its existing demographic feel like they really are being cared for and the editors care about them, not just their bottom line. The current issue of Glamour Magazine features an I Love Shopping booklet within the magazine with coupons, discounts, etc. The magazine will also host a mobile tour and those lucky enough to catch them will received a Glamour’s nod toward “green” with its signature tote bag along with a free mini-makeover, courtesy of Lancôme. You know that “silver lining” everyone keeps talking about to try to make it through this economy? Well I believe Glamour has found theirs.

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