Conscientious Shopping for the Holidays

by Gloria Iseli | November 21st, 2012   

Black Friday and the Holiday shopping season is fast approaching. The Working Wardrobe would like to give you a few tools to help you be a conscientious shopper. Free2Work is a consumer website that has developed an interactive rating system to help educate the consumer on companies forced and child labor practices from field to manufacturing. The rating system includes industries from Apparel, to electronics, to food.

It is especially important, as consumers, that we become more aware of how our clothing is made and shop responsibly. Not For Sale wrote a report on Apparel Industry Trends for 2012. Here is a chart comparing 300 global clothing brands.

Picture 2 300x186 Conscientious Shopping for the Holidays

This chart grades 300 global apparel lines from A to F according to their labor practices, take a look at the full report here.

We recommend spending your hard earned money on products you believe in and support companies that are have responsible labor practices. Also, another great ways to spend responsibly this season is to buy locally whenever you can.

Have an amazing Holiday Season!


Child labor is so sad.. Thank you for sharing Free2Work. Haven't heard of it before, but definitely eager to check it out.