Student Fashion: Prepping For Your Future

by JennB | August 15th, 2012
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We have spirit, yes we do! We have spirit, how ‘bout you?  With back-to-school comes collegiate spirit. And with collegiate spirit comes Ivy league-inspired fashions. And with Fall 2012 comes a healthy dose of prep. But before you go hunting for an original copy of the “Official Preppy Handbook” or search frantically for “Gossip Girl”… Read more…

Student Fashion: Buy Now. Save Now. Look Fab Later.

by JennB | August 8th, 2012

Did you hear that? That’s the sound of the September issues of your fave fashion mags being nestled into your dorm room mailbox. Like any good fashion fanatic, you’ll be tearing through those pages faster than Usain Bolt tore up the Men’s 100m final. As exciting as it is, be prepared. There won’t be too… Read more…

Student Fashion: La Rentrée

by JennB | July 26th, 2012

Ah, summer. It’s finally kicking into high gear. Picnics…BBQs…pool parties…weekends at the beach…heat-soaked days awash with possibility.  What could be further from your mind than heading back to school, or prepping for that coveted fall internship? Ready or not, la rentrée – as the French so eloquently call that time of year when summer vacations… Read more…