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RACHEL YEOMANS – Publisher / Editor-in-Chief

Rachel Yeomans, founder of TheWorkingWardrobe, has coveted fashion since her first magazine purchase. Through over eight of working within the corporate world at McGraw-Hill Publishing and Sears Holdings, she found herself constantly pondering how her business fashions could pull off a sense of style. Holding a degree in Magazine Journalism from Columbia College Chicago, she decided to take her love of fashion to the workplace, and see if her working wardrobe – while continuing to work for her – could work for others.

TheWorkingWardrobe.com was launched in 2009 as a fashion blog, which led her to several exciting endeavors and partnerships, including launching the successful podcast SpeakingOfFashion. In 2010, TheWorkingWardrobe was ranked #4 in a list of the top 20 fashion blogs to follow by professional women, and was listed as one of the top 10 Chicago blogs by Social.yte in 2012. That same year, Rachel launched TheWorkingWardrobe.Print and TheWorkingWardrobe.Digital to complete the magazine suite of TheWorkingWardrobe. Between New York and Chicago, Rachel also speaks, sits on panels and consults companies and individuals on workplace attire and social media/digital. She also continues to write, podcast, teach, tweet, and keep coming up with crazy ideas. Follow her on Twitter at twitter.com/RachelYeomans.


Anne Dreshfield lives for classic pieces that don’t break the bank. A graduate of Scripps College, she is a feminist who believes that fashion is an empowering tool for women to look and feel their best. Anne loves all things media, writing, and fashion, and is currently working in public relations in-house for a technology company in San Francisco. In her spare time, you can find her prowling the boutiques at Union Square, reading fashion and makeup blogs, flipping through magazines, and chipping away at several different writing projects.

ALAN NEFF – Magazine Managing Editor / Blog Contributing Writer

Alan Neff has been dressing for the workplace for more than 20 years and hasn’t embarrassed his employers to date.  So far as he knows.  He’s married to an accomplished playwright-director and the father of two sons.  By day, he’s a local-government lawyer, but he’s also a minor American novelist (one published so far – a near-death experience), occasional mercenary op-ed contributor, and former performance “poet.”  He has written a play called “Observer Effect,” which is circulating among theaters (not unlike a stray clot in a sclerotic bloodstream), and has other writing projects in train.  You can find him on Facebook and Twitter.

KATE JACOBSEN – PR Manager / Contributing Writer

Even though she lives in the city now, Kate is a farm girl at heart growing up in the middle of cornfields in south central Nebraska. Since she can remember, Kate has always LOVED fashion and was even voted best-dressed her senior year of high school (don’t know if it counts when the class had 55 students). At the mere age of 18, she moved to California to be apart of a traveling performing arts group called the Young Americans. She taught, sang and danced her way around the world. In 2008, she knew it was time to make a change in her life so she moved to Chicago to pursue fashion Journalism at Columbia College Chicago. After one year, she switched to Fashion Business with a minor in Public Relations and hasn’t looked back since. Kate has held numerous internships in the fashion industry and has loved redefining professional dress through her quirky sense of style. She is passionate about supporting local, independent artists and finding the piece no one else will have. Kate is excited to use her journalism skills and industry knowledge fused with her unique fashion sense to bring TheWorkingWardrobe readers a fresh perspective on dressing for the workplace. When she has free time, Kate attends events, plans fashion shows and produces photo shoots.  She currently works at AllSaints on Michigan Avenue. Upon graduation, Kate plans on living in Europe as well as start Canadian Vogue.

TRACY LAYDEN – Contributing Writer / Intern

Tracy is a recent graduate from Scripps College in Claremont, California, where she majored in mathematics. She believes that fashion is an opportunity to express your personality, and that clothing should be flattering and fun. She enjoys following fashion trends and challenging herself to use them in creative ways. In her downtime, she loves to spend time riding her horse and dancing.  Tracy is an amateur ballroom dancer; she loves the glamour of ballroom’s fashions.

JESSICA BRAUN GERVAIS – Contributing Writer / Intern

Jessica Braun was born and raised on a 10 acre farm in the town of Paris, Wisconsin.  To escape the inevitable boredom that comes with small towns, she began studying a few instruments including cello, guitar, piano and vocals, all of which she continues to study on her own.  In the summer of 2010 she traveled to Boston to study music business and jazz performance on cello at Berklee College of Music.  In 2012, after deciding against pursuing a career as a performing artist, Jessica Braun moved to Chicago to study journalism and art management at Columbia College Chicago, where she is expected to graduate from in December 2014.  Her ultimate goal is to continue her work as an art and entertainment journalist.  Aside from interning at TWW, Jessica Braun currently writes historic album reviews for Puluche.com and has a number of music related features on ChicagoTalks.org.  She also works with photographer Jason Barnes alongside the Lincoln Hall and Schubas team on their new blog series Flannelmouth Sessions.

JORDAN ZEMAN – Contributing Writer / Intern

Jordan has been fashion-obsessed since childhood. Growing up near Baltimore, MD, she played dress-up regularly (including her mother’s wedding dress), designed outfits for her Barbies and hounded her parents incessantly for glittery shoes. Throughout middle and high school, Jordan was always an interesting dresser and experimented with many styles. She will not deny that some of those styles were bad choices. She attended Parsons School for Design in the fashion program for three years before transferring to Columbia College Chicago and graduating in 2014. Writing is much more her speed and sewing was not her strong point, unfortunately. Jordan remains deeply interested in fashion and its history and keeps up with trends and industry news. She admires writers with humor and an edge, like David Sedaris and Augusten Burroughs, and hopes to bring that type of voice to her fashion writing. Jordan aims to be the female Mo Rocca and, some day, work for CBS Sunday Morning.

EMMA KLUG – Contributing Writer / Intern

Emma Klug has always known fashion journalism is for her. As a child, growing up in Metro Detroit, she spent her summer vacations drafting up versions of her own fashion magazine using her parents 1995 PC and rocking corduroy shorts with sparkly red flats. Many years later, with her passion for fashion journalism still strong and as a freshman at Wayne State University, Emma started her own fashion blog, The Style Note, and briefly wrote a column for the student newspaper, The South End, under the same name. During her time at Wayne she interned at the fashion organizations Detroit Fashion Week and Fashion Group International Detroit. In 2013 Emma moved to Chicago to attend Columbia College Chicago for magazine journalism and fashion business. Since her move to Chicago, she’s interned at NothingMajor.com, has published work on ChicagoTalks.org and tried countless pizza places in the city. Today, aside from interning at The Working Wardrobe, Emma continues to maintain her own blog, hold a job as a retail sales associate and prepare to graduate in December 2014.

GLORIA ISELI – Contributing Writer

Gloria Iseli’s first foray into fashion was as a costume designer at the performing arts high school she attended in Louisville, KY. She moved on from costuming, but through that experience she gained an enthusiasm for the art of garment making. An avid seamstress, Gloria has been known to scour thrifts stores looking for clothes that she could Frankenstein into a brand new outfit. Gloria attended the Theatre School at DePaul University and worked professionally as a Stagehand and Assistant Director in many Chicago theaters. She learned how to incorporate style into a wardrobe that took a lot of abuse crawling around dark and forgotten corners of many ancient stages.

Embarking on a new career path, Gloria is a recent transplant to Los Angeles where she is a screenwriter and works with Fielding Publishing. Eager to finally start building a new working wardrobe, she is ready to explore all that LA fashion has to offer. Gloria is excited to share all her amazing finds with TheWorkingWardrobe.


Linda Cassady is a Chicago-based illustrator who has spent a lifetime noticing, and believes everything has the ability to be great, given the right attention. She  bring this need to “make it better” to every project or idea. You can see her other work at www.lindacassady.net.

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