What I Wear to Work: Kylee

by Rachel Yeomans | April 12th, 2012   

When it comes to a work dress code, not all industries are the same. The appropriate attire for a lawyer is vastly different than attire for a nurse, web developer or a fashion designer. There have been many times where I’ll wear a suit to a meeting with a client regarding building their business’ social media presence. Later that same day  I’ll change into a tunic, patterned tights, and over-the-knee boots for a meeting with a fashion designer when discussing TheWorkingWardrobe partnerships and collaboration. But that doesn’t mean that these dress codes don’t have cross-over (a sort of work wear Venn diagram so to speak). You can take a single aspect of any dress code, and use it to ‘amp up’ your own work look for each specific occurrence.

Let’s look at this week’s photograph submission for example. This is Kylee, a fashion designer. Her neutral sweater and patterned trousers are absolutely adorable, and could easily be worn in an office setting. As a fashion designer, this look is brought together with her fur stole. In an office, what if you added a tweed boyfriend blazer with rolled-up sleeves to wear over the sweater? Then add nude platform patent pumps and a geometric silk neck scarf to play off the color and pattern of the pant. You now have a great outfit that translates very fashionably into the office – it just happened to be inspired by a work outfit worn by a fashion designer! See, we all can work together.

Kylee Alexander What I Wear to Work: Kylee

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