What I Wear to Work: Janine

by Rachel Yeomans | September 20th, 2012   

This week I would like to introduce you to Janine, as part of our “What I Wear to Work” series, photographed by our own Jennifer Liu. We are in love with the skirt, the scarf, the whole outfit.

DSC0145 1 719x1024 What I Wear to Work: Janine

Janine 791x1024 What I Wear to Work: Janine

Janine optimized 1 What I Wear to Work: JanineJanine optimized 2 What I Wear to Work: JanineName: Janine

Occupation: Compliance Associate

Brands you like: Umm…I’m not really attracted to brands; more into how products look and feel.

Most important aspect of your outfit each day: Accessories! icon smile What I Wear to Work: Janine

Item that never leaves your purse: Ah, so many things..but most importantly lip balm and red lipstick (you never know when you’ll need a pop of color!).

iPhone or Blackberry: iPhone all the way.

Who is your fashion icon?: No icon. I look for inspiration everywhere, in everything.

What inspires you?: Mostly people (personalities and style)…and Disney.

Best fashion advice you’ve ever received: Anyone can wear red lipstick, you just have to find the perfect shade for you.

For more information about Jennifer’s photography, you can visit her site at http://jenniferliuphotography.com.

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