What I Wear to Work: Eugenia

by Rachel Yeomans | August 16th, 2012   

As many of you can tell from some of our blog posts, we are a bit obsessed with the outfit curation site, Polyvore. We also love the vintage-y looks from the retailer ModCloth. Imagine our delight when we saw on Facebook that ModCloth visited the Polyvore office to style one of its employees, Eugenia! She regularly wears simple chic workwear, and they gave her (you guessed it) a retro fashion-forward style! We just had to include it in this week’s “What I Wear to Work” series!

ModCloth Polyvore What I Wear to Work: Eugenia

Our mission at TheWorkingWardrobe is to show our readers how to add some personality and fashion-forward edges to their working wardrobes. We’re grateful to ModCloth for doing the same! There were some comments on Facebook that said the tights may not be work appropriate. It’s a good note to take when being fashion-forward, dress for the office you work in as well. In Eugenia’s case, the tights are perfect for Polyvore. And we love them too!

c600x602 What I Wear to Work: Eugenia


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