What I Wear to Work: Elisabeth

by Rachel Yeomans | September 13th, 2012   

This week I would like to introduce you to Elisabeth, as part of our “What I Wear to Work” series, photographed by our own Jennifer Liu.

WIW2W Elisabeth What I Wear to Work: Elisabeth

Occupation: I work in algorithmic trading, which means I do a lot of mathematics and computer programming.

Brands You Like: Sandro, Karen Millen, Tahari, Michael Kors. Manolo Blahnik for shoes. For weekend wear, Rag and Bone, Diesel.

Most Important Aspect of Your Outfit Each Day: I make sure the outfit works well both with and without the outerwear – there’s a lot of temperature variation even within the same office building.

Item That Never Leaves Your Purse: Apart from the obvious things, anti-chafing gel, which allows me to wear shoes that otherwise would cause blisters.

iPhone or Blackberry? Android.

Who is Your Fashion Icon? Michelle Obama

What Inspires You? New experiences, like making new friends and traveling to new places.

Best Fashion Advice You’ve Ever Received? Nothing fits correctly off the rack. Everything you buy will have to get tailored, so shop accordingly.

For more information about Jennifer’s photography, you can visit her site at http://jenniferliuphotography.com.

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