What I Wear to Work: Annie

by Rachel Yeomans | March 29th, 2012   

This look worn by Annie as part of our What I Wear to Work series features a look that is so wonderfully spring and so wonderfully chic. It also showcases a very work appropriate look along with being age-appropriate. So when your colleague in his or her 40s and 50s says that he/she can’t take fashion risks for the warm weather, show them this outfit and reply with, “Of course you can!”

what I wear to work What I Wear to Work: Annie

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Haha - love it! And Allyson Faith McGill yes you can when you're 58! It's all got to do with fit, being appropriate, style and confidence. I think the glasses make this outfit hands down. :)

Joan Blaustein
Joan Blaustein

If I win Mega Millions tomorrow night I'm going to get a wardrobe consultant. Oh wait, I won't need a work wardrobe anymore. Never mind.