What I Wear to Work: Adrienne

by Rachel Yeomans | September 6th, 2012   

I’m excited to introduce you to two individuals this week as part of our new “What I Wear to Work” series. One is Adrienne, shown below, wearing two simple and yet stunning work ensembles. The other is Jennifer Liu, our new staff photographer, who took the photographs!

DSC0150 1 680x1024 What I Wear to Work: Adrienne

Jennifer will be showcasing working individuals’ styles through this weekly series, and providing us with a bit more insight into not only their look but also their day (see the questions below). We are thrilled to have Jennifer be part of TheWorkingWardrobe team! With that being said, we don’t want to scare you away from submitting your own photos either – in fact, we really want you to send them in! When we receive a reader’s photo, we will showcase them in our “What I Wear to Work” series, and we will feature Jennifer’s work on Wednesdays. Two working looks in one week? That’s just gravy.

Adrienne 5 What I Wear to Work: Adrienne

Name: Adrienne

Occupation: Art Museum Administrator

Brands you like: Theory and Vince basics; Loeffler Randall oxfords and dresses (wish they’d bring back ready-to-wear); DVF; Under Ligne by Doo.ri (or wherever the designer goes next); Alex Toy and Rebecca Minkoff bags; Coclico sandals; Cole Haan classic dress pumps; Taryn Rose for longer workdays (sensible shoes are a big priority)

Most important aspect of your outfit each day: If I have a yoga class before work, I have to bring an outfit I can stuff into my purse without it getting too wrinkled. Otherwise, comfort and something that helps define my waist (I have a boyish figure).

Item that never leaves your purse: Chapstick and hand sanitizer

iPhone, Android or Blackberry? iPhone

Who is your fashion icon? For work clothes? No idea.

What inspires you? I walk to work, but I pass by two subway stations on the way and it’s always interesting to see how other people dress as they rush to the entrance.

Best fashion advice you’ve ever received? For a brief time during grad school, I worked as a personal assistant to the late fashion and textile designer, Gloria Sachs. She told me I dressed like a different person every day, but that it was marvelous.

For more information about Jennifer’s photography, you can visit her site at http://jenniferliuphotography.com.

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Do you want to be a part of our “What I Wear to Work” series? Email a photo, your first name and industry to rachel@theworkingwardrobe.com,  tweet your photo to us here,  or post it on our Facebook page! Whatever medium you so choose, we’d love to see what you wear to work!