What I Wear to Work: Maxi Skirt to Work

by Rachel Yeomans | March 6th, 2014   

A maxi skirt…in the winter. Well I declare: Challenge accepted!

The skirt:

maxi skirt le tote What I Wear to Work: Maxi Skirt to WorkIt was an adorable fleece maxi skirt, sent to me as part of my Le Tote membership. Alas it wasn’t necessarily fitting for the Polar Vortex traipsing through Chicagoland. My solution? Layers, my fabulous readers. Lots of layers.

The outfit:

maxi skirt office What I Wear to Work: Maxi Skirt to Work

Layer break-down:

  • Long-sleeved black top
  • Le Tote maxi skirt (worn as a dress over the top)
  • Skinny metallic belt
  • Short-sleeved blazer
  • Silk/cotton-blend scarf
  • Wool black hosiery
  • Black booties

Granted, I wore my winter boots on my commute and switched to the booties when I arrived at the office. Otherwise I was sufficiently layered to make the maxi skirt work at the office…and in the winter. I was quite proud of this feat – do tell; what was your latest wardrobe win?