Today’s Coveted Working Look:Tulip Hem Knit Dress

by Jessica Braun Gervais | August 5th, 2014   

I can’t count how many times I have been invited to an event or function and had no idea what to wear.   It’s hard to dress for something when you’re not sure if the event/function is casual or formal or somewhere in between.  Luckily for us women, we have a secret weapon called “the little black dress.”  With the perfect shoe and right accessories, this dress can be the answer to any fashion dilemma.

When shopping for a LBD, I like to find some simple and casual with a touch of elegance, such as the Tulip Hem Knit Dress.

LBD Todays Coveted Working Look:Tulip Hem Knit Dress

Usually when shopping for outfits, I look for something with lots of details because generally it gives the piece personality.  However when it comes to black dresses, I look for the opposite.  I like this dress because of its simplicity which makes it easy to dress both up and down. While overall the dress may seem fairly plain, I think the slight ruffle at the bottom adds just the right amount of drama, allowing it to stand out from an unoriginal tank dress.

LBD2 Todays Coveted Working Look:Tulip Hem Knit Dress

What really makes this dress great is how can be worn straight from the office to a formal fundraiser and then for a nightcap at a local bar, all with a quick swap of accessories!

Headed to a causal affair? Keep the accessories simple with stud earrings, a basic bracelet and flats.  Need something a little more formal? Jack-up the dress with some bolder accessories such as a statement necklace and stilettos.