Today’s Coveted Working Look: Topshop Buckle Monk Shoe

by Emma Klug | July 18th, 2014   
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The  double monk shoe has a long sartorial history. As the name suggests, the shoe was first worn by European monks many centuries ago to protect their feet when sandals just couldn’t do the job anymore. As time passed, the monk shoe went on to serve as one of the most stylish pieces of  footwear for dapper and high class men making other shoe options second best.

Today, as they were originally intended, double monk shoes continue to protect men’s feet however they also do so, so, much more. They’re stylish, comfortable and the perfect finish for a tailored men’s look. But why do guys get to have all the fun? While the double monk shoe is traditionally a men’s shoe, there’s no reason the look can’t also be adopted by women.

monk shoes woemn Todays Coveted Working Look: Topshop Buckle Monk Shoe

Top Shop’s Fleetwood Buckle Monk Shoe is a great option for women looking to incorporate this menswear classic into their wardrobe. With its dark tan exterior and straps adorned with gold buckles this shoe is timeless and looks effortlessly great with tailored blazers, trousers or skirts. However, the best part about the buckle monk shoe is that while it does look good with the previously mentioned preppy items, its also extremely versatile and can pair nicely with less structured items as well making  it a “go-to” shoe for any outfit.

monk shoes women Todays Coveted Working Look: Topshop Buckle Monk Shoe

With so many women’s fashion items already inspired from classic men’s wear pieces, such as the oxford blouse, tuxedo jacket, neck tie and more, this buckle monk shoe seems like an obvious next step for completing a men’s wear inspired look. Needless to say, when sporting these shoes you’ll  be the trendsetter of the office but, honestly, when has that ever been a bad thing?