Today’s Coveted Working Look: Working Pretty in Summer

by Rachel Yeomans | May 21st, 2012   

With the sun now steadily shining and the temperatures steady in “warm” – I have no idea what to wear! It’s comfortably warm during the day, chilly at points, and down-right cold at night. And then there are the humid and muggy days. It may not be hot enough for air conditioning in the subway cars, but with how muggy it can get, I’m grateful for the ones who have it on. The question arises, “How does one stay comfortable in the summer while working pretty?”

This brings forward the incredibly difficult issue of layering. I do love layering, but layering in warm weather versus cool is never an easy challenge. Last Friday for example. I worked the morning from home to answer some conference calls and emails (while switching loads of laundry in between) donning capri leggings and a tunic-length black t-shirt. Then after the last call (and last laundry load), I was off to my afternoon meetings at the office. The quandary: It was 75 degrees and sunny, slightly muggy, and I had to walk to the subway and then walk six blocks to the air conditioned office.

After several costume changes, I settled on skinny ankle pants, my black Bivel heels, a short-sleeved purple loose-fitting blouse, and my 3/4-length sleeved gray speckled B.B. Dakota boyfriend blazer. I also packed my Pashmina as I knew the jacket would come off in the office very quickly, but to battle the chill I’d need just a little something for a cover-up without adding a whole extra clothing layer. I also wore my black and white striped infinity scarf from American Apparel.

BB Dakota blazer Todays Coveted Working Look: Working Pretty in Summer

In these tween-temperature times, I feel that sometimes a light jacket is not quite enough or when it’s too much, the layer underneath is also just not quite enough. It’s amazing what a light-weight scarf can do for that added warmth just be throwing it around your neck. They say in the winter to always wear a hat because you lose most of your body heat through your head. Well I say in summer, wear a scarf. Warm and fashionable!

Armed with my Kate Spade briefcase, Kenneth Cole clutch purse, and my recently-shipped Stunner of the Month sunglasses, I was off to the subway! Yes I ditched the scarf before I even got to the train and tied it around my briefcase, but on the whole each layer came in handy throughout each part of the work day.

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And I admit, it took me about 30 minutes just to decide what to wear, so I was quite relieved it worked out so well. Now let’s see what the rest of the month brings!