Today’s Coveted Working Look: The Men’s Office Shoe

by Rachel Yeomans | August 10th, 2012   

Do you wear Keds to work? Adidas? No matter what your comfortable shoe is, for the workplace it should not be a sneaker. When gazing at men’s footwear at work, it’s not necessarily a faux pas to have unshined shoes (although when you are sitting next to someone at a meeting who does have his shoes shined, your shoes look much cheaper than I’m sure they actually are), it’s not wearing shoes appropriate for the office. Let’s start with a good classic – this pair of Cole Haan shoes come in both brown and black, they are simple and Cole Haan is known for comfort. And they also happen to be on sale to help you make the decision to “up” your wardrobe. I will concede and say you can wear sneakers during the commute, but come that lobby, put on those work shoes. In fact you may do so at the shoe shine stand in the lobby (hint, hint).

Cole Haan Mens Shoes Todays Coveted Working Look: The Mens Office Shoe