Today’s Coveted Working Look: The Kate Spade Color Blocked Scarf

by Rachel Yeomans | March 19th, 2012   

Could this scarf be any more adorable?! I am a big fan of color blocking (in fact, I feel like I need to step outside of that box every once in a while); so this color blocked scarf by Kate Spade may be a very beneficial purchase to add to one’s color-blocking regimen. And the pom poms just add to its ‘fun factor’. Notice how the model is wearing the scarf with a belted blazer? I invite you to copy this look (we know I will!).

Kate Spade Scarf Todays Coveted Working Look: The Kate Spade Color Blocked Scarf

Dhara Mistry
Dhara Mistry moderator

Hey Rachel, thanks for sharing. I love color blocking and color mixing when I see it on other girls, but in my everyday life, it’s been a tough thing for me to put together and let it feel natural. But, that doesn't mean I am not going to try it at all :) The pom poms are just so cute in this scarf and the blocking is also subtle. I wonder if these are actually two scarves or one.

theworkwardrobe moderator

 @Dhara Mistry Hi Dhara, it's my pleasure! Color blocking can seem scary but honestly, I color block all the time without knowing it wearing leggings, over-the-knee socks, knee-high boots, a long fitted tunic, a shorter-length top and then a boyfriend blazer. All are usually gray or black. I call it layering, but apparently it's also color blocking! :p


I'm so glad you like the scarf as much as I do! And it IS one scarf! I saw it and literally out loud went, "Awwww, that's so CUTE!"