Today’s Coveted Working Look: J.Crew’s Ludlow Suit

by Anne Dreshfield | November 7th, 2012   

As a college senior already doing interviews (and soon flying to another city for an interview!), I’ve got suits on my mind! While I have a suit right now, I’m debating whether or not I should update my separates with investment pieces that will last for a long, long time–taking me from post-graduation interviews, to important meetings on the job, and any other situation that may require a formal business suit. I’ve had my eye on J.Crew‘s suit separates for a while now (hello, No.2 pencil skirt!), and this week I stumbled on J.Crew’s Ludlow suit.

Screen Shot 2012 11 06 at 6.57.33 PM Todays Coveted Working Look: J.Crews Ludlow Suit

When it comes to a suit, sometimes it can be best to invest in pieces that are made of durable fabric, won’t wear down with age, and will fall beautifully against the body. While that can often mean a higher price tag on the initial purchase, it’s often worth it. If you’re ever in doubt, calculate the price per wear–take the piece’s original price and divide it by the number of times you see yourself wearing it, and you’ll have the cost per wear of that piece. Obviously, the more you’ll wear it, the better the price per wear will be — so think carefully!

With J.Crew’s Ludlow suit, the cost per wear should be low — it’ll be a suit that lasts you a long time! It’s made from Italian wool, which J.Crew states “is meticulously crafted in four-season world-class wool fabric from a centuries-old Italian mill (our signature men’s suiting fabric).”

Screen Shot 2012 11 06 at 7.18.10 PM Todays Coveted Working Look: J.Crews Ludlow Suit

The fabric is timeless, and so is the cut of the suit. Slim and flattering, with a menswear-inspired silhouette, the Ludlow suit will make you feel like you’re on your A-game all day long. One of my favorite aspects of the suit? There’s a lipstick pocket in the jacket. J.Crew truly thinks of everything.

So, will I be buying J.Crew’s Ludlow suit anytime soon? Probably not all by myself–maybe if my parents contribute as a graduation gift. But if I do get another suit anytime soon, I’ll probably look for something as close to this beautiful suit as I can get.

And did you know that J. Crew offers the Ludlow suit for men? See our earlier write-up here!