Toast to Tuesday: Power to the Female

by Rachel Yeomans | April 10th, 2012   

I’m sensing a very strong emphasis this month on the “female bond” (just pick up both Marie Claire and Elle and you’ll see what I mean). I’ve never considered myself a feminist in any way. In fact, I want that door held open for me and for someone to lift my suitcase into the overhead compartment. But there is something to be said about having a girl’s night. I love the men in my life dearly – but after having a hear-to-heart with another woman just gives you a sense of relief! And I’m sorry, when do you ever laugh more than with your girlfriends? In homage to this month of appreciating other working women, this week’s chosen look from TheWorkingWardrobe Polyvore Group celebrates just that, with a bit of a punch. Thank you for the inspiring set!

c630x630 Toast to Tuesday: Power to the Female