Toast to Tuesday: Biking to Work (in Heels)

by Rachel Yeomans | September 25th, 2012   

Biking to work in heels seems like a bit of a fantasy. Well this week, it is! The winner of this week’s Polyvore contest is seelah, who created the adorable scene below complete with conversation bubbles, illustration and a fantastic work outfit (we’re obsessed over that coat!). Now would anyone really wear that outfit (and those shoes) biking to work? Maybe not, but if they did, we’d stop to gawk.

c600x521 Toast to Tuesday: Biking to Work (in Heels)


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UKExpat 1 Like

I commute by bike in heels: 3 inch Naot boots today, and 3 1/2 inch wedge sandals before it got cold. Works best with a chunky heel or wedge and be careful not to scuff the leather. With skinny heels, I think it's safer and more practical to keep them in the office and cycle in flats.


That red coat certainly looks bike friendly (provided it's not raining), but the shoes and dress she's allegedly lusting after really don't. Shift dresses don't allow for enough thigh movement for cycling unless they're in a very, very stretchy fabric, whereas full skirts, A-lines and shirtdresses (where you can discretely undo a bottom button and wear a shift underneath, like me today!) work fine. So I'd advise the girl in red to stick with her bike and leave the green and grey outfit for ladies who can afford to take cabs everywhere.