Outfits Under $100: Seasonal Layers

by Anne Dreshfield | January 2nd, 2014   
c600x904 Outfits Under $100: Seasonal Layers

H&M Cardigan: $24.00

Vila Femme Lace Tank: $23.00

MissRebel Red Pleated Skirt: $13.00

Selected Sel Tights: $14.00

Grand Total: $74.00

Some days, it’s just hard to find the right outfit that isn’t too cold outside and doesn’t make you too warm inside when the heat is blasting (hello, office!). Those days, I tend to reach for pieces I usually wear in the warmer months, like skirts and tanks, and start to build layers around them. Too cold outside for a skirt? Toss on opaque, thick tights. Can’t go bare-shouldered in the office? I like cardigans with a bit of structure to make them feel dressier. Perfect for fluctuating temperatures, and perfect for your wallet at a mere $74!