Today’s Coveted Working Look: Everlane Silk Round Collar Blouse

by Emma Klug | August 27th, 2014   
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I’ve loved the feeling of silk for as long as I can remember, the way it slips through your fingers when you pick it up and hangs just right when you put it on. It’s a feeling that can’t quite be compared to anything else. It’s undoubtedly luxurious and consequently often reserved for special occasions and places, like the office.

A silk blouse is a classic wardrobe piece that outlives dying trends, and it goes without saying that any professional person should own one. However, silk blouses, and all of the wonderful characteristics that accompany them, don’t come cheap or easy to maintain. Silk is notoriously known as being one of the more expensive fabrics and with sun, water stains and wrinkles all working against it’s perfect texture, silk almost always requires dry cleaning and delicate care. It’s reasons such as these that make it a necessity that when you’re ready to purchase a silk blouse that you truly invest in one that’s will be worth the time and money that’s required to wear such a luxurious piece, such as the Everlane Silk Round Collar Blouse.

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With a relaxed fit that hangs slightly off the body, a traditional shoulder seam, hidden placket and rounded collar edge, the Everlane Silk Round Collar Blouse is easy-going and comfortable yet professional enough to be appropriate for the office.The blouse comes in several different colors including: root, red clay, spruce, white, blush and slate (pictured above), and would look terrific with a plethora of other office staples such as a sharp blazer, pencil skirt or tailored suit paints.

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This silk blouse from Everlane is sure to stand the test of time and with a price tag under $100 will obviously be the best return for your investment. Whether its your first experience with silk or not, it’s a great piece to begin integrating this luxurious fabric into your closet and creating a working wardrobe that’s professional and stylish.