Shop Elizabeth Wren Vintage: Throw Back Thursday Everyday

by Emma Klug | August 14th, 2014   

Without fail, every Thursday on The Working Wardrobe’s Instagram account we feature a vintage office fashion look. We’re big believers in the “throw back thursday” hashtag, especially when it comes to fashion, and for good reason. Look at any major fashion trend today and chances are its being repeated or reinvented in some way. From pencil skirts, shoulder pads, kitten heels and even the strong brow you’ve undoubtedly been sporting lately, each can be sourced back to a prior era.

The vintage pieces you find hold a special place in your heart, more so than any new item ever could. They’re nostalgic, unique, supportive of environmental causes, and like mentioned before, fashion forward, despite their old age.

However, realistically, despite the charm of vintage clothing, it’s not everyday that you get the chance to peruse a vintage shop and pick out pieces that you love. As fun as discovering hidden gems while sifting through endless racks of clothes can be, it’s also extremely time consuming and exhausting, which is why Elizabeth Wren Vintage is so great.

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1960s Houndstooth Dress

Elizabeth Wren Vintage is a vintage shop hosted on, the site most notably known for its collection of d.i.y fashion, art and home ware and the source of many hours of wish list procrastination shopping on my part. The Elizabeth Wren Vintage shop is divided into several sections, including vintage home decor and buttons, but its the shops vintage fashion section that’s particularly exiting.

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1950s Vintage Clip On Bow Tie

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1960s Vintage Woven Clutch

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1960s Plaid Skirt

From work appropriate vintage bow ties, dresses, skirts, clutches and more, Elizabeth Wren Vintage makes shopping vintage much, much, easier. With an already excellent hand picked collection, and playful and in depth descriptions of each item, Elizabeth Wren Vintage eliminates the hassle that often accompanies shopping for vintage clothing. Although the fashion section only features a limited amount of items at a time, it’s updated frequently, which makes visiting it all the more exciting.  So, from here on out, the next time you’re longing to add a vintage item  to your working wardrobe make sure to check out Elizabeth Wren Vintage first.