Toast to Tuesday: Professionalizing a Tank Top

by Rachel Yeomans | March 19th, 2013   

One of the number one rules of office dress code is not to wear a tank top to work. However this rule has been skirted with the help of cardigans and blazers. Plus the tank top has grown from the use as pretty much an undergarment to an outer fashion statement. You could even say that the “sleeveless blouse” has come into play.

c600x598 Toast to Tuesday: Professionalizing a Tank Top


This week’s selected look from TheWorkingWardrobe Polyvore Group does a fantastic job of taking a non-work-appropriate (but quite fantastic) tank top, and pairing it with items that can actually take it into the office without getting sent home. Granted, I would opt for different shoes. Save these stilettos for the evening and take those meetings with a pair of patent black pumps instead.