Outfits Under $100: Stories from the City

by Anne Dreshfield | August 16th, 2013   
c600x504 Outfits Under $100: Stories from the City

Modcloth Backstage Lass Dress: $80.00

Target Mossimo Nude Flats: $13.00

Grant Total: $93.00

It seems like we’re all sweltering in a heat wave these days. There are two important things to remember in the dead of summer: 1) you might actually miss this by the time winter rolls around, and 2) keep everything in your outfit simple to avoid looking frazzled, overheated, or wilted. When I feel like I might pass out from the heat, I reach for simple dresses in light fabrics that skim off of your body (no sticking!), and quiet accessories that don’t draw attention to sweat, redness, or general misery. There’s nothing a simple, bright dress and nude flats can’t fix! Stay cool, everyone.