Outfits Under $100: Workday Comfort

by Anne Dreshfield | February 21st, 2013   
c600x548 Outfits Under $100: Workday Comfort


Uniqlo Women Stretch Bootcut Pant: $20.00 (on sale!)

Burgundy Stud Shoulder Knit Sweater: $20.00

H&M Ankle Boots: $46.00

ALDO Vartanyan Earrings: $10.00

Grand total: $96.00

Some days I just need an outfit that is easy to pull on, easy to wear from meetings to my desk and back again, and will survive my commute home. This week, I pulled together an outfit that would hit all of those check marks quickly and easily. With gold accents, a pop of warm burgundy to warm up those early spring days, and chic black suede boots, workday comfort has never been so easy.


This outfit certainly looks like it's easy to pull on - great sweater!