Outfits Under $100: Springtime Coral

by Anne Dreshfield | January 30th, 2013   

As the weather slowly begins to warm up, I find myself reaching time and time again for the brighter colors in my closet: the pinks, whites, corals, and blues that hint that spring is on its way. This week, I focused on creating a look that echoed the upcoming changing of seasons, with pieces that could be used all year round.

c600x486 Outfits Under $100: Springtime Coral
Grand total: $96.99

See how each piece could be used during another season? Pair the leggings with a heavy sweater and boots in the winter for a cozy outfit. Pair the top with white jeans in the spring for a perfect weekend look. Toss the fedora on when you’re headed to the beach in the summer. Pair the earrings with your favorite grey shirt in the fall for a chic accessory. Even when you’re shopping on a budget, you can still have versatility in mind!