Outfits Under $100: Parisian Chic

by Anne Dreshfield | March 21st, 2013   
c600x597 Outfits Under $100: Parisian Chic

OASIS Compact Stripe Dress: $38.00

Pointed Toe Ballet Flats: $23.00

Bar Lock Clutch: $19.00

Grand total: $80.00

(Looking for a way to spend that extra $20? Invest in a pair of tights to wear with this dress on colder days!)

This week’s Outfit Under $100 was inspired by TWW’s Editor-in-Chief, Rachel Yeomans, and her recent jaunt in Paris! It was fun to follow her trip on Twitter and here on the blog, and it inspired me to create a fun, flirty outfit that would be fantastic for bringing a little bit of Paris with you to the office. And, it’s well under $100 — it’s just $80! Parfait!