Outfits Under $100: NYC Summer

by Anne Dreshfield | May 22nd, 2013   
c600x454 Outfits Under $100: NYC Summer

Zalando Collection Maxi Dress: $38.00

Forever 21 Buckled Satchel: $28.00

Jayne Aviator Sunglasses: $10.00

Dream Out Loud Beaded Sandals: $20.00

Grand Total: $96.00

New Yorkers are known for wearing a lot of black, but there’s no reason you should be uncomfortable while doing so! Pair a breezy maxi dress with gold accents to stay cool and fashionable in the Big Apple. I particularly love the buckled bag, which gives a bit of structure to this otherwise-carefree outfit. Please note that this outfit is very casual and may not be appropriate for all offices. Take note of your dress code before sauntering into work in this summertime number.