Outfits Under $100: Cape Cod

by Anne Dreshfield | September 16th, 2014   
c600x673 Outfits Under $100: Cape Cod

Anna Field Cape: $41.00

Mango Sweater: $16.00

Mango Leggings: $20.00

Top Moda Riding Boots: $17.00

Grand Total: $94.00

There’s just something about a cape as the weather turns. As the leaves start to turn colors, draft off of the trees, and eventually crunch under your boots as you walk to work, there’s nothing cozier than a cape. With a feminine silhouette that falls gracefully around whatever fabulous outfit you’ll be wearing to work, a cape gives your outfit an immediate dose of class and timeless style. Add a pair of thick leggings, chic riding boots, and a cream sweater, and you’ll be heading to work warm, stylish, and comfortable. It is to be noted, that this outfit is for a casual office environment (or on a day when you don’t have any meetings). Relish in the cozy!