What I Wear to Work: A Test for Le Tote

by Rachel Yeomans | February 6th, 2014   

Yes I finally did it. I’ve been curious about Le Tote since they launched, and I finally signed up. For $50/month, you receive a tote of clothing and jewelry (the total amount worth approximately $200) that you wear, enjoy and then send back. Once Le Tote receives the return, you get another tote! So theoretically, you could wear around $600 of clothing per month for only $50 each month. Want to keep an item? Don’t return it and they’ll just charge the item to your credit card. How do they know what to send you? You pick which items of clothing you like on their site, enter in your sizing and they send the styles that match your taste in the size you indicate online.

My first tote arrived on Saturday. I’ve already worn all the items included in my tote – several times over for some of them – and have shared some via Instagram. Dear Le Tote, I’m sold. Every item fit wonderfully and looked fantastic. Here’s one from a chilly work from home day.

le tote dina gray sweater What I Wear to Work: A Test for Le Tote

I’m wearing the Dina Gray sweater and the Anastasia Printed scarf along with my own Henry & Belle skinny jeans, Steven riding boots and Henri Bendel earrings and bangle.

le tote outfit What I Wear to Work: A Test for Le Tote

I love wearing cropped sweaters with long camisoles under them, and the sleeves on the sweater were wonderfully long (a prayer answered for those of us with long arms). And two days after wearing the scarf – at least three compliments.

So the question...should I hold back items on my first tote? Oh the temptation… .


Heck yes to the sweater and the scarf! Very cute.

theworkwardrobe moderator

Thanks @annedreshfield! I think I'm going to keep the scarf. I just sent the tote back and am eagerly waiting for the next one! Fun outfits await! @letote