Today’s Coveted Working Look: The Lady’s Cravate

by Rachel Yeomans | April 9th, 2013   

pride prejudice Todays Coveted Working Look: The Ladys Cravate

You read that title correctly. Today’s coveted working look is the cravate. And not just any cravate; the lady’s cravate. Some people think of the cravate as some costume-y item that 19th Century men wear along with red velour smoking jackets – while smoking a pipe of course. Yes, I’m looking at you, Mr. Darcy.

Well dear readers, I’m here to say that you can wear a cravate in this century and you can wear it in lieu of a necklace or a scarf. I know I love wearing a scarf as an extra “something” with my outfit at work. Extra texture, extra color, just extra. The cravate below from Gustavo Lins is a gorgeous alternative. A scarf can be a bit bulky and probably wouldn’t be very acceptable in a business meeting. But this chic silk cravate with a clean hem? Absolutely!

ladys cravate Todays Coveted Working Look: The Ladys Cravate

womens cravate Todays Coveted Working Look: The Ladys Cravate

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