Today’s Coveted Working Look: Kate Spade Rose Print Dress

by Emma Klug | August 13th, 2014   

Like any well-informed/obsessive fashion fan, it goes without saying that not only have I seen The Devil Wears Prada an innumerable amount of times but I can also quote it word for word at any given moment. There’s a particular scene in the movie that always sticks out to me and that I’m reminded of whenever the spring/summer months approach. It’s the scene where Miranda Priestly – Meryl Streep’s cold as stone Anna Wintour-esque character – shoots down her fashion team’s suggestion for featuring florals for spring fashion. “Florals for spring,” she says dead pan, “groundbreaking.”

florals for spring Todays Coveted Working Look: Kate Spade Rose Print Dress

Look, I get it. Florals, whether they’re for spring or any season have undoubtedly been over done and Streep’s character, despite her harsh demeanor, speaks volumes about the abundance of the print in fashion. Each year, as soon as the warmer weather rolls around, fashion magazines are over-saturated with florals. Florals: they’re overdone, typical and as far as loosely defined fashion rules go they’re “so last season”.

NJMU3867 655 Todays Coveted Working Look: Kate Spade Rose Print Dress

However, with every rule there is an exception and Kate Spade’s Rose Print Silk Tie Back Dress is definitely one of them. This A-line dress is 100% viscose, hits slightly above the knee, and has an invisible zipper feature with a black silk bow tie on the back. NJMU3867 655 1 Todays Coveted Working Look: Kate Spade Rose Print Dress

This Kate Spade floral dress isn’t the typical floral frock. It’s obviously feminine with its sophisticated garden party silhouette. Yet with the clash of its blush pink and bright red rose print and black silk bow, it’s also slightly edgy – in the best way possible. This rose print dress is fashion forward yet sure to be a classic piece with the potential for multiple wears for years to come. Throw on a black or forest green cardigan and a pair of wedge heels and you’re good to go for the office or a summer wedding. What’s not to love?

But, most importantly, when it comes down to it, no matter how you feel about florals, there’s less than a month until summer is over. So why not make the best of your sartorial choices and do florals the right way before they truly are “so last season”?