Today’s Coveted Working Look: Joie Olivia Knee-High Boots

by Anne Dreshfield | December 8th, 2014   

As San Francisco turns a bit more into the wintery wetland I recognize (goodbye, oddly warm weather and hello, foggy grey mist and rain!), I find myself turning to classic cold weather pieces that are chic, comfortable, and warm. For me, that means sleek sweaters, scarves you can toss on with just about anything, and coats that make just as much of a statement as the rest of your outfit.

Several of my favorite fashion designers are taking their outfits’ focal points in another direction, however: to their legs, with over-the-knee boots in sumptuous fabrics. My favorite of the season? Joie’s Olivia Knee-High Boots in a beautiful dove grey suede.

Screen Shot 2014 11 22 at 8.30.46 AM Todays Coveted Working Look: Joie Olivia Knee High Boots


I could stare at these boots all day, and let’s be honest: I may or may not have spent the last few days doing just that. Where to begin? Joie’s taken a classic boot shape – pointed toes, stiletto heels – and elevated the look by raising the shaft of the boot to just above the knee. Believe it or not, this helps to elongate the leg rather than chopping it off at the thigh, like you might imagine. Toss on Joie’s Olivia Knee-High Boots and you’ll add literal and figurative inches to your frame. Screen Shot 2014 11 22 at 8.30.55 AM Todays Coveted Working Look: Joie Olivia Knee High BootsI can’t get over the color of these boots, either. They’re also available in black season after season, but the grey is just unbelievably gorgeous. And for a work wardrobe, it can be surprisingly versatile. This color looks beautifully rich against deep colors, like black or navy blue, and amps up jewel tones that look so beautiful in the winter. And if you’re going for a monochrome look, what better shade to dress yourself in than hues of dove and steel grey? You’ll be the most fashionable person in the office without even trying. Thank you, Joie Olivia boots!

I’ll admit, Joie’s Olivia Knee-High boots might just sneak their way onto my Christmas list. They’re currently on sale at Bloomingdales, though they’re sold out in multiple sizes (including mine), so I might just have to cross my fingers and wish for them to magically re-appear. Until then, I’ll be daydreaming about them. Will you?