Today’s Coveted Working Look: Jia Reversible Sweater

by Rachel Yeomans | April 29th, 2014   

Yes you read that right, it’s a reversible sweater!

jia sweater Todays Coveted Working Look: Jia Reversible Sweater

Meet the Jia Collection.

Jia is a unique collection by a unique designer Jia Li. Jia Li creates clothing for women who want high quality, comfort, chic styles, and versatility.

Classic with a modern edge, Jia’s versatile pieces enhance the beauty of the woman with a spirit of adventure and playfulness. By offering multiple ways to wear in each design piece made with only the finest materials, Jia also gives the woman the power of choice and efficiency. Women can stylize themselves a lot more effortlessly depending on their mood of the moment and the occasion they are attending, either it is at-work, after-work, casual weekend or a getaway.

With the goal of bringing most value to her customers, Jia deftly explores the maximum flexibility and potential of the finely selected material at hand and manipulates the interplay between color, shape, texture, and space using single or double-faced fabrics.  Each design is one-of-a-kind, highly designed and meticulously constructed to perfection as every detail has to look perfect inside out, upside down, or in every possible way that the design is meant to be worn.

Seriously, this is the business woman’s dream. Pack one dress, get two! Oh this top? I wore it yesterday!

Granted, I had my doubts. So I’m thrilled to have been sent their Claudette reversible sweater to try out for myself. My two main questions: What about pilling and then what about deodorant stains? Granted, with any garment you have to be careful with the deodorant stains, but I’m happy to report that the pilling issue was a non-one. I wore the sweater several times both inside and out, and never had any issue of one side to even look worn.

jia reversible sweater Todays Coveted Working Look: Jia Reversible Sweater

I usually don’t review in a rave, but I am in love with this sweater. The material is so thick and comfy and it was perfectly fitted (sometimes with thick sweaters I look like a box – not so flattering) – it’s made of extra fine Merino wool, Angora and Nylon. And I love the simple detail of rolling the sleeve into a cuff and you get a different pattern to flaunt.

As you see, I wore the sweater with jeans, but you can easily dress up this yummy romper with skinny black pants (as shown above) and heels. No need for additional layers – this sweater does the speaking for you.

The Claudette sweater is priced at $395…so as it’s two sweaters in one it’s technically around $197 “each”. For this quality sweater, it’s a great deal.

And bonus! Use the code ‘TRAVEL’ at check-out and you’ll get 25% off any purchase you make on their site! Not only that…oh yes it gets better…if anyone signs up to become a Jia VIP member, you get 10% off right away. So you can get up to 35% off. Don’t worry, I’m looking out for you.

As the weather gets warmer, Jia is going to be sending me a dress to review on TheWorkingWardrobe so you can see how I style it for the office – in multiple ways of course! I could get at least four outfits out of it – let’s see how far I can stretch it. My next business trip may just result in the lightest suitcase ever.