Today’s Coveted Working Look: J.Crew Ski Sweater

by Emma Klug | December 10th, 2014   

Holiday fashion typically elicits images of a red and green color palette, sparkle and shine, elegant fabrics and silhouettes reserved for a classy night out. Yet, fashion doesn’t always have to be so predictable.

Whether you like it or not, ugly holiday sweaters are also a staple of this season. With their mismatched prints, strange embellishments and awkward color combinations, these sweaters can appear to be anything but attractive. However, despite what may seem like horrible design details, the ugly holiday sweater actually has a lot going for it and the Ski Sweater from J.Crew is a prime example of this.

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The J.Crew Ski Sweater is just one of J.Crews options from its “ugly holiday sweater” selection. Playful, unique and super festive, this sweater is definitely perfect for the upcoming holiday season. Featuring rows and rows of skiers zig zagging between trees, this loose fit merino wool sweater is a stand out piece that will get you in the mood for the cold weather months. Although it may not seem like it at first, the J.Crew Ski Sweater is actually extremely versatile. You can pair it with dress pants for a work appropriate look, a sequin or flouncy skirt for an office party, or your favorite worn in jeans for a relaxed weekend look. What’s not to love?

B5283 KU2453 1024x1024 Todays Coveted Working Look: J.Crew Ski Sweater

Needless to say, in the age of man-repelling and awkwardly-good fashion trends, ugly holiday sweaters are easily one of the must have items this season. However, it does takes a lot of confidence to wear a sweater as bold as the J.Crew Ski Sweater. Be sure to put your best foot forward when wearing the piece and soon enough everyone in the office will be wishing they had one too.