Item to Outfit: Introduction

by Rachel Yeomans | January 8th, 2013   

I am thrilled to announce a new series on TheWorkingWardrobe. We are partnering with illustrator, Linda Cassady, to create an illustrated outfit based on an item from our “Today’s Coveted Working Look” series. You may recognize her work from TheWorkingWardrobe.Print and TheWorkingWardrobe.Digital.

TWW Magazine Item to Outfit: Introduction

The item of choice gets selected by you! There are two ways you can vote for an item.

  1. Like or re-pin the item on Pinterest via the “Today’s Coveted Working Looks” board
  2. Comment on the blog post showcasing the item

I will send the “winning” item to Linda, and she will then illustrate an outfit to be published on the blog! Expect an outfit every two weeks touting title “Item to Outfit.” We’re starting right away – so go to Pinterest, go back through the blog, and vote on which item you want to see in an outfit!

I am thrilled to bring Linda into TheWorkingWardrobe more regularly. Her illustrations helped define the magazines, and I hope you enjoy seeing her work here on the blog.

Cheers everyone! Looking forward to your votes!


Love this! Can't wait to see what else Linda comes up with.