Today’s Coveted Working Look: HM Loose Fit Pants

by Jordan Zeman | August 8th, 2014   

Some people dream of getting a raise or being commended at work, but I dream of being able to wear pajamas to my job. Bad attitudes, mistakes and long hours all would become more bearable if I could handle them while rocking men’s sweatpants and a ratty concert tee. This is not something that will leave the realm of my imagination. However, there are suitable work pants that get me close enough.

hmproddd Today’s Coveted Working Look: HM Loose Fit Pants

The loose fit pants from H&M are a work-appropriate alternative to silky pajama bottoms. They are a woven crepe material, which means they will be light and airy. As a woven, they won’t provide as much give as knit sweatpants, but the elastic waistband and relaxed leg shape make up for that. They also feature side pockets and are machine washable – unlike some dress pants.

hmprod Today’s Coveted Working Look: HM Loose Fit Pants

While I am extremely fond of the leopard print style, they also come in black, camel and beige for more conservative dressers. The black color sports a leather-look trim on the waistband and pockets.

For work, I would pair these pants with an outfit similar to the one featured on H&M’s site. Instead of a printed tee, I would tuck in a loose-fit, neutral button down blouse and top it off with a black blazer. Since the print is edgy, I would stick to neutral shoes and accessories. If you choose to go with the black, camel or beige pants you are open to a much larger range of color pairings.

Untitled 1 Today’s Coveted Working Look: HM Loose Fit Pants

While my dreams of a workplace pajama party dwindle, these pants give me hope for style and comfort on the job. Bring on the work week!