Outfits Under $100: Glamor into Your Workday Office Style

by Anne Dreshfield | November 14th, 2014   
c600x588 Outfits Under $100: Glamor into Your Workday Office Style

Lipsy Collared Lace Dress: $38.00

StyleMoi Blazer with Faux Leather Sleeves: $40.00

Grand Total: $78.00

Ah, glamor! So chic, and so much fun to bring to the office during the daytime. I don’t mean going overboard – no sequins or ball gowns here – but it is fun to mix rich textures and materials to create an unexpected, decidedly glamorous look to the office. I started with this prim lace dress with the pop of a white collar, which is feminine but not too sweet, thanks to the black fabric. Toss on a structured blazer with leather accents, and you’ve dialed the style up a notch…or two! Pair it with your favorite cross-body bag to be hands-free on the subway, a pair of trusty black heels, and your favorite red lip, and you’ll bring glamor to the office all day long.