Today’s Coveted Working Look: French Connection Monroe Dress

by Anne Dreshfield | June 16th, 2014   

If you have never shopped in a Bloomingdales, I’ll warn you now: you might want to hide your wallet, or, at the very least, empty it out before you head in those double doors.

This store is dangerous.

My new office is just a hop, skip, and a jump away from the Bloomingdales in downtown San Francisco, which means I often find myself wandering their halls killing time before a dinner or event or on a Friday night after a long week. The result? Plenty of gorgeous pieces to covet!

Screen Shot 2014 06 14 at 8.43.53 PM Todays Coveted Working Look: French Connection Monroe Dress

French Connection’s Monroe Colorblock Dress caught my eye, and you can easily see why. This dress is made for an hourglass figure, and helps give you one if you have a straighter frame. I love the on-trend colorblocking, too, with succulent orange that’s just right for spring and summer. A thread of navy blue snakes itself around the neckline and down the back of the dress, giving the sheath a streamlined, airy quality.

Screen Shot 2014 06 14 at 8.44.01 PM Todays Coveted Working Look: French Connection Monroe Dress

A high-contrast blast, this blocked-and-beautiful French Connection dress contours bold colors for a fab fit and sleek silhouette.

Orange a bit too bright for you? The French Connection dress also comes in dark navy blue with just a hint of yellow along the neckline.

Have you ever shopped at Bloomingdales or fallen for a dress like the French Connection Monroe Colorblock Dress? If you ever wander into a Bloomingdales on a lunch break, be prepared to be blown away!