Today’s Coveted Working Look: COS Sleeveless Blazer Dress

by Jordan Zeman | August 12th, 2014   

Even though we are still in the middle of summer, fall fashions are starting to invade my Pinterest. Women in heavy coats and knit hats boast “fall outfit inspiration”. While the thought of a thick wool scarf makes me shudder on these humid days, it is never too early to start considering transition pieces. What makes a piece even better is when it is not only transitional, but also multifunctional.

Screen Shot 2014 08 02 at 6.42.02 PM Today’s Coveted Working Look: COS Sleeveless Blazer Dress

The sleeveless blazer dress from COS is one of these holy-grail closet staples. The long, lean silhouette and silk material are timeless, but the ensemble options are numerous and can be very on-trend.

Firstly, it can be worn as shown – as a dress. This is a great option for summer work wear because it is sleeveless, but is still tailored and neat. Paired with the oxfords shown gives off a playfully masculine vibe, while heels would add a feminine touch.

Screen Shot 2014 08 02 at 6.42.20 PM Today’s Coveted Working Look: COS Sleeveless Blazer Dress

Next, to transition you into cooler temperatures, this item can be worn as a blazer. It completely unbuttons, allowing you to wear it over an airy summer dress to add some warmth at night. You could also layer this over a thin blouse and loose slacks for a casual, but pulled together work look.

For when the temperatures really start to drop, this would look great as a dress layered over a turtleneck or other sweater. Also, placing this unbuttoned between a top and a contrasting color winter coat is a smart look that I happen to love.

Whatever way you choose to wear it, this versatile item is a solid investment.