Business Casual: Two Outfits for Under $100

by Rachel Yeomans | March 22nd, 2012   

By Huma Rashid

It has been unseasonably warm throughout most of the country lately –and I know I’m certainly enjoying the 80 degree temps here. It’s a great time to wear skirts to the office, and that was what I kept in mind for today’s business casual outfit.

Take a look.

huma rashid business casual superstar 3 20 2012 Business Casual: Two Outfits for Under $100Colorblock Pencil Skirt ………. $29.99
Pintuck Linen Shirt ………. $26.99
Sam & Libby Peep Toe Pumps ………. $24.99
Croatian Coral Orange Glass Bead Earrings ………. $14
Vintage Tangerine Orange and White Mosaic Earrings ………. $18

I love this skirt. I just love it. The colors are great and I love the pattern and I’m a big, big fan of pencil skirts. It’s perfectly work appropriate in every way.

When I find a pretty skirt that I really want to make stand out, I immediately grab a white shirt. Predictably, I picked this white, three-quarter sleeved linen shirt from Kohl’s at a totally decent price. It’s got cute little buttons and sleeves with pin-tuck accents, and it fits the bill nicely.

As for footwear, I didn’t rock the boats or reinvent the wheel. Instead I opted for black peep toes. They’re only available in size 8.5, so I’d offer these normal black pumps if that’s not your size, and they still fit within our limited budget.

And I found that I just couldn’t quite help myself when it came to the jewelry. I figured I’d go with earrings (and probably toss on a watch or a bronze bracelet before I ran out the door), and I wanted them to be orange to play up that warm, fun color.

I couldn’t decide between these two beautiful pairs I found on Etsy, and since they both fit within the $100 budget I set for each of these outfits, I decided to show you both. Now, it’s up to you!

I love the Croatian coral and glass bead earrings. They’re from Maja’s Earrings, and I love all of her stuff. Please check out her store and her great offerings. (And no, I’m not being compensated in any way for the plug.)

I also adored the mosaic earrings – how pretty and delicate and feminine. They’re from SilverLiningDecor, and the shop is just jam-packed with awesome jewelry, so do have a look. (Again, I’m not being compensated for these Etsy plugs.)

So take your pick (and act fast for the Etsy earrings!), and you’ll have a lovely, work-appropriate business casual outfit featuring another gorgeous skirt.