Business Casual: Trousers and Capes for Under $100

by Jesse Wurm | October 4th, 2012   

With this cold front that’s moved in, comes the necessity for layering. It’s cold in the mornings, but by lunch the sun is shining and you wish you’d left your wool sweater at home.  I like to layer as much as possible during these transitional months; tank tops with a light sweater and fall jacket, or a t-shirt with a vest and leather jacket. It’s also smart to layer if your office tends to overdo it with air conditioning when it’s hot or heater when it’s cold.

What better way to layer than to add a cape? I love this Lindex Navy Cape ($19) not only because it screams fall, but because it’s a classy and fashionable way to dress up any outfit. Wear it with a sweater dress with tights and pumps for work, or with skinny jeans and cropped boots for an outing on the weekend. This particular cap is sleeveless (some come with ¾ inch sleeves or arm slits), military themed, double buttoning at the front, a round hemline and comes in wool. It’s sure to keep you cozy in the coming months.

c600x379 Business Casual: Trousers and Capes for Under $100


I’ve paired this cape with these amazing Red Palazzo trousers ($29). I’m a fiend for wide leg pants, they’re uber flattering on a woman’s body and add a slimming effect all the way through the thighs. Plus, this particular pair is high-waisted, perfect for tucking in blouses and accentuating the waist. This River Cream Victoriana Sleeveless Shirt ($40) is essential to this creation. The sleeveless shirt with contrast black trim and lace detailing, match the classiness of the cape and will surely impress the boss. Pointed flats, bracelets and jeweled stud earrings would work beautifully with this under $100 ensemble.

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