Business Casual: Cardigans Under $50

by Rachel Yeomans | April 26th, 2012   

By Huma Rashid

I love cardigans because they can be worn over shells, tees, tanks, and dresses, and because they work well in just about any season (how great are slub cardigans for hot summer months?) and make any outfit office-appropriate in a snap! To that end, here are some great cardigans under $50 – each! As always, click on the image to get to the purchase page.

2012 04 25 23h48 21 206x300 Business Casual: Cardigans Under $50

Lord & Taylor - $37.49

I love this color, and I love the crochet look. It’s sweet and flirty and delicate and would look great on a sleek dress.

2012 04 25 23h50 24 Business Casual: Cardigans Under $50

Banana Republic - $44.99

I love this open cardigan with the dainty little crochet trim. I also like the neutral color, which can be worn with any number of other colors and patterns.

2012 04 25 23h51 46 Business Casual: Cardigans Under $50

Kohl's - $40.60

Now, I’m not generally a fan of the Simply Vera line – I think most of that stuff is kind of … well, we all have our opinions. But there’s something so fun about this that I couldn’t resist.

2012 04 25 23h53 23 Business Casual: Cardigans Under $50

ONLY/Yoox - $38

I always try to throw in some solid, traditional articles, and that’s where this gray cardigan comes in.

2012 04 25 23h54 22 Business Casual: Cardigans Under $50

ModCloth - $49.99

I love this. All of it.

2012 04 25 23h55 16 Business Casual: Cardigans Under $50

ModCloth - $39.99

Now, this one looks like it would be really cozy and warm. Plus, I love those buttons!

2012 04 25 23h56 22 Business Casual: Cardigans Under $50

The Limited - $42.90

A slouchy white cardigan – why not?

2012 04 25 23h57 18 Business Casual: Cardigans Under $50

J.Crew - $49.50

A classic J.Crew cardigan in a beautiful, rich melon color: what in the world is there not to love?!

Hopefully, you were able to find something you liked in this, my weekly offering. I’m kind of hopeless when it comes to cardigans; in my opinion, I can never have enough. I love full button cardigans, halfway buttoned cardigans, open front cardigans, cropped cardigans, half cardigans, and shrugs. I love them all and constantly mix and match them with whatever I’m wearing. They haven’t done me wrong since, and hopefully you’ll be able to make them a part of your working wardrobe, too!