Business Casual: Bold Bracelets

by Rachel Yeomans | April 12th, 2012   

By Huma Rashid

I confess, I have never paid much attention to bracelets. I just don’t care for them. I went from high school to college to law school, typing all the way, and found that bracelets just felt weird against my wrists as I rested my fingers on the keys. And sometimes, depending on the bracelet, it actually hurt. But now that I’m no longer in school full time and constantly glued to my computer, I see no reason to continue to eschew this awesome accessory.

Bracelets and bangles are fun and festive, and a really great way to instantly add some interest to an otherwise ho-hum outfit. Plus, they’re great for distracting bawling infants. Sometimes they work on dogs, but I’ve generally found that dogs don’t care one way or another. Don’t let this dissuade you: It’s the dogs’ loss.

For today, I’ve put together a collection of pretty bracelets that are sure to add some flash and fun to your business casual outfits. Let’s take a look!

2012 04 12 00h59 46 Business Casual: Bold Bracelets


I love the combination of gold and that soft aquamarine, and I like the block pattern here.

2012 04 12 01h01 25 Business Casual: Bold Bracelets


Of course, you might want something a little more … edgy. In which case, this black and green lace cuff would fit the bill nicely.

2012 04 12 01h02 39 Business Casual: Bold Bracelets


I already know how corny this sounds, but with this bracelet, it would look like you were wearing a beautiful sunburst, right on your wrist.

2012 04 12 01h03 37 Business Casual: Bold Bracelets


What I like about this is that they’re bangles – so you’ve already added some movement and interest – and they are also varied in style. I’m a big fan of mixing and matching textures and colors if you’re going to go the bangle route.

2012 04 12 01h04 59 Business Casual: Bold Bracelets


I like these for the same reason. Also, I could never turn down a turquoise-and-silver combination.

2012 04 12 01h05 44 Business Casual: Bold Bracelets


The obligatory turquoise beads. They’re still in style and holding strong, and they just go with everything, don’t they? Such versatility.

2012 04 12 01h06 40 Business Casual: Bold Bracelets


Now this – this is just kind of fun and unexpected.

2012 04 12 01h07 16 Business Casual: Bold Bracelets


I’m a big fan of leather cuffs mostly because of the fact that they’re comfortable. They don’t poke or bruise or jab. They just kind of lay there softly against your skin. I’m a big fan of not being jabbed by my accessories.

2012 04 12 01h08 31 Business Casual: Bold Bracelets


Now, this is just kind of … easy. You really can’t go wrong with it. I have a silver cuff bracelet like this, and when I’m dressed and ready to go, but still feel that something’s somehow missing, and perhaps my arms are a little bare, I just grab it and stick it on and go. It’s an almost thoughtless way of adding some interest to your look.

2012 04 12 01h09 59 Business Casual: Bold Bracelets



2012 04 12 01h10 35 Business Casual: Bold Bracelets


And these are for when you just want to have some fun. Seriously, check out those bright colors and sparkly details. For work, make sure this is with a simple business casual outfit – such as a white blouse and chocolate trousers. These provide all the ‘pop’ you need!

2012 04 12 01h11 43 Business Casual: Bold Bracelets


And this is for when you want a bracelet with teeth. (I am so sorry. That was such a lame joke. I’ll see myself out.)


2012 04 12 01h12 26 Business Casual: Bold Bracelets


Last but certainly not least, I leave you with simple, beautiful, timeless silver bracelets.


And there we have a lovely collection of bracelets that will add some fun and whimsy to your business casual outfits!

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