Beauty 101: Tom Ford Beauty

by Anne Dreshfield | July 23rd, 2014   
c600x561 Beauty 101: Tom Ford Beauty


Tom Ford can do no wrong in my book – he’s an incredible American fashion designer, renowned for turning around the Gucci empire, and just last year he made his first foray into beauty with a serious bang. Luxurious, timeless, sexy, chic…Tom Ford’s high-end beauty reflects everything his designs do, and more.

I’ll admit: I have yet to own anything by Tom Ford, mainly because it’s so darn expensive. That doesn’t mean I can’t admire it, though, and admire it I do – I’ve been known to hover over the counter at Neiman Marcus, probably annoying the heck out of the sales associates as I browse everything and buy nothing. The thing is, I just can’t decide what to buy, if I were to buy anything. Unlike some designer forays into beauty, Tom Ford’s jump into the deep end of cosmetics was a cannonball: wildly successful, and it made a huge splash.

Pictured above: Tom Ford Eye Color Quad in Golden Mink, Santal Blush Eau de Parfum, Nail Laquer in Incandescent, and Lip Color Sheer in In the Buff.

Tom Ford’s eye quads are garnering rave reviews for their ease of use, color pay-off, and gorgeous shades; his perfumes are well-known as the sexy scents of choice for many women, the nail polishes are chic and long-lasting, and the lipsticks are creamy and hydrating – and have some of the most gorgeous packaging on the market today.

Have you tried a luxury brand like Tom Ford? Would you? I think a little of Tom Ford’s glamor would help perk me up on an early Monday morning!