Beauty 101: All About the Framing

by Anne Dreshfield | April 29th, 2014   

Sometimes it’s easy to be enthralled by a flashy lipstick or a stunning eyeshadow – odds are that I’ll prefer splurging on a beautiful stand-out product like one of those than on a more everyday basic like mascara or eyebrow pencils. But let’s be honest here: these are the products that will frame your face beautifully every single day, no matter the color of your lipstick or how sparkly your eyeshadow is. My top picks? Read on…

First up, a flattering pair of glasses. For the most literal framing of them all, snag a pair of stunning specs that compliment your features. If you’re blessed with good vision and don’t need glasses, skip on down to step two. If you just need glasses for reading, try looking for eye-catching glasses at stores like Anthropologie, Madewell, and Nordstrom. And for the rest of us mere mortals, there are people like Bobbi Brown here to save the day. Well-known for her makeup line that enhances natural beauty, Bobbi Brown has ventured into eyewear with lines of glasses, sunglasses, and readers. She even includes helpful styling tips based on face shape and skin tone. How very chic!

Screen Shot 2014 04 26 at 3.11.55 PM Beauty 101: All About the FramingA sampling of the new eyewear from makeup artist Bobbi Brown.

Give yourself a two-second eye lift. No, I don’t mean by massaging your face or investing in expensive eye creams. Truth be told, the easiest way to complete a look is to fill in your eyebrows. Whether you over-plucked in your youth or just aren’t blessed like a certain model we all know, filling your eyebrows is the easiest way to give yourself an eye lift, emphasize your cheekbones, open up your eyes, and just naturally fill in your face. Here are a few of my favorite tools of the trade:

Screen Shot 2014 04 26 at 3.25.24 PM Beauty 101: All About the Framing

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz ($21.00)

Founded by Los Angeles brow guru Anastasia Soare, Anastasia Beverly Hills is a line of cosmetics and tools that was originally just for the eyebrow, but has slowly expanded into much more. The Brow Wiz is an ultra-slim mechanical pencil that makes it easy to shape, define, and fill in your brows for a natural, polished look. One end is the brow pencil, the other is a spoolie brush to comb your brows into shape and to soften any harsh lines.

Screen Shot 2014 04 26 at 3.30.29 PM Beauty 101: All About the Framing

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel ($22.00)

Another tried and true favorite from Anastasia Soare, her clear brow gel is a beloved favorite of Heidi Klum – need I say more? I personally have rather long, unruly eyebrow hairs, and this gel keeps them in place all day long. Apply after filling in your brows, or simply brush through your bare brows for a bit more definition and polish.

Screen Shot 2014 04 26 at 3.35.42 PM Beauty 101: All About the Framing

Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pen ($32.00)

The Hourglass version of a brow pencil is a high-tech wonder: it’s a blend of powder, gel, and wax to create a defined eyebrow look that will stay put all day long. In addition, the pencil itself is triangular, which makes it incredibly simple to draw in an arch or fill in the brow. Like the Anastasia pencil, this is also double-sided with a spoolie brush to comb through the brows.

Open up those eyes. Without a doubt, the one thing we should all include in our everyday routine is swipe on a bit of mascara – it instantly wakes you up and makes your eyes appear brighter and more open.

Screen Shot 2014 04 26 at 3.41.36 PM Beauty 101: All About the Framing

Boots No7 Exceptional Definition Mascara ($7.99)

A wonderkid of the dtugstore aisle, the Boots No7 Exceptional Definition mascara will do exactly as it claims: give you extraordinary definition while coating your lashes in glossy black mascara. If you’re looking for an everyday, wide-eye look, this is a go-to!

Screen Shot 2014 04 26 at 3.45.17 PM Beauty 101: All About the Framing

Benefit BADGal Lash ($20.00)

A tried-and-true favorite of mine, Benefit’s BADGal Lash Mascara is a powerhouse: it lengthens, defines, volumizes, and stays put all day long. The wand is just thick enough to evenly coat your lashes while still giving you enough control for the smaller lashes in the inner corner of your eye and bottom lashes.

So there you have it: my favorites for framing your face, which is, in my opinion, an essential step toward a more pulled-together look. Even if I’m not putting on much else besides foundation, I still reach for eyebrow and eyelash products to give both my face and eyes a bit of a lift.

What are you favorite products to frame your face?