Beauty 101: Charlotte Tilbury Makeup

by Anne Dreshfield | August 20th, 2014   

Most of us across the pond may not have heard of Charlotte Tilbury but odds are that you’ll know who she is by Christmas. A world-renowned makeup artist, friend of the stars, and beauty mogul, Charlotte Tilbury has truly transitioned her incredible makeup skills into a full-blown empire. With her product line launching in the United States this September, I’m willing to bet you’re going to start seeing Charlotte Tilbury just about everywhere.

Screen Shot 2014 08 17 at 3.59.25 PM Beauty 101: Charlotte Tilbury Makeup World-renowned makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury

I could talk about Charlotte Tilbury’s line for days, but today I’ve picked just a few products that are already cult classics in other parts of the world. From incredible eyeshadows, to stunning lipsticks, to body products that will give you a golden goddess glow, Charlotte Tilbury’s line is sure to give you just about everything you want in a makeup line used by stars around the world.

Charlotte Tilbury Luxury Palette: The Golden Goddess

Screen Shot 2014 08 17 at 4.08.15 PM Beauty 101: Charlotte Tilbury MakeupEach Luxury Palette comes with four harmonious shades designed to take you from “desk to disco.” Music to my ears! I would use the top left shade, “Prime,” all over the lid to brighten, and gently sweep the top right shade, “Enhance,” in the crease for definition and depth. With a quick swipe of mascara, you’ll be good to go for a day at work.

For a night out, simply pull the palette out of your bag and dot on the bottom left shade, “Pop,” on the center of the lid for a flash of shine. Golden Goddess is perfect when you’re slipping on heels or a cocktail dress on your way out the door. What’s even better? The Luxury Palettes come in a variety of dazzling colors, so you can be sure you’ll find one to fit your skin tone, style, and preference.

Charlotte Tilbury: Charlotte’s Magic Cream

If you’ve ever wondered the secrets behind the gorgeous complexion of stars like Kate Moss (who’s Charlotte Tilbury’s best friend, because…why not?), look no further. Charlotte Tilbury has been experimenting for years to create a moisturizing, anti-aging cream for models and celebrities alike, and now you can buy the cream she uses backstage at every show.

Screen Shot 2014 08 17 at 4.36.26 PM Beauty 101: Charlotte Tilbury Makeup

My secret’s out…over the past 20 years I’ve been mixing my own age-defying skincare known in the industry as Charlotte’s Magic Cream. I’ve been testing it backstage for years and models and my regular clients are already hooked. It’s a secret mix of patented anti-age ingredients, a hyaluronic acid booster plus floral extracts that lift and transform tired skin in an instant! Think of a wilting flower that’s just been watered – skin is flooded with moisture for a glowing complexion in a flash, no matter how dehydrated or lackluster your skin may look. – Charlotte Tilbury

Formulated with a BioNymph peptide complex for anti-aging, SPF15 and anti-UVA filter for skin protection, sodium hyaluronate for plumping and a dewy glow, and a moisturizing mix or rose hip oil, camellia oil, and anti-oxidant vitamin E for all-over nourishment and hydration. In addition, Charlotte’s Magic Cream has damask rose water and aloe vera to stimulate skin regeneration, and a bit of a “magic touch” – an unnamed secret ingredient.

The cream is gorgeous and luxurious – can we take a moment to admire the packaging? – and is sure to be a treat for any skin type. I’m excited to try this one out.

Charlotte Tilbury: Lip Cheat Lip Liner in Pillowtalk

Screen Shot 2014 08 17 at 4.43.34 PM Beauty 101: Charlotte Tilbury MakeupI’ll be the first to admit that I rarely use lip liner – and by rarely, I mean pretty much never. I think I’ve used lip liner about twice in my life. That being said, the lip liners I was using were hard and rough, difficult to apply, and not particularly forgiving or flattering. Today’s lip liners have changed quite a bit, and Charlotte Tilbury’s Lip Cheat takes it once step further.

Lip Cheat is a rich, velvety lip liner that glides effortlessly over the lips and can completely re-shape, re-size and balance lips. This pencil is formulated to create a seamless line, resists feathering and transferring (hello, clean coffee mug!) and lasts up to six hours so your lips keep their new shape and don’t smudge. It’s also waterproof, so your new lips – sans Botox – are safe, from the pool to the office and afterward!

I think it’s safe to say I’m excited for Charlotte Tilbury to launch in the United States. You can see the entire line at Nordstrom department stores across the country starting in early September.

Will you be heading to the stores to check out this gorgeous line from Charlotte Tilbury? You’ll see me there.