Beauty 101: Carven Le Parfum

by Anne Dreshfield | September 5th, 2014   

It took me over twenty years to find my signature scent.

I don’t think I’m the kind of woman who will wear a perfume for the rest of her life, but I like to think that I might have a signature scent for every phase of my life – maybe every decade.

In my teenage years, I reached for anything sweet – Bath & Body Works products come to mind – and when I left for college, I fell very, very hard for Chanel’s Coco Mademoiselle – a sexy fragrance with undertones of bergamot, orange, jasmine, and rose, among others, that was inspired by a young Coco Chanel. I still love the fragrance (in fact, it has a coveted spot on a mirrored shelf in my bathroom, right over the sink), but now I’m often switching between Coco and my newest perfume love, Carven Le Parfum.

Screen Shot 2014 07 13 at 8.41.27 AM Beauty 101: Carven Le Parfum

I remember first smelling this scent in the huge Saks Fifth Avenue off of Union Square in San Francisco. The entrance is a domed lobby filled with perfumes, and Carven was tucked away into a small corner with just two bottles, the Le Parfum and Eau de Toilette. A brand with only two scents, and one of them just released a few months ago? I was intrigued. I reached for the original, Le Parfum, and the rest is history.

A simple, fresh, and downright charming scent, Le Parfum is infused with floral notes that are undeniably chic. I did a bit of research to try and figure out why I loved it so much, and found that the top notes of Le Parfum are neroli, mandarin blossom, and white hyacinth. The middle notes are jasmine, ylang ylang, and sweet pea, and the base is a slightly masculine white sandalwood and wood.

Screen Shot 2014 07 13 at 8.41.36 AM Beauty 101: Carven Le ParfumThis is the kind of scent that turns heads. I’ve had coworkers stop dead in their tracks and backpedal to ask me what smells so good. When I say I’m wearing perfume, they tell me to write it down so they can go buy it for themselves. I’ve had people demand second hugs from me so they can smell it again. And, not surprinsgly, a simple “wow, you smell great!” is enough to put a smile on my face. My secret is Carven’s Le Parfum, and it just might be my signature scent. Until I decide, it’s most definitely my favorite.

Do you have a signature scent? How did you discover it?