Today’s Coveted Working Look: Baublebar Cairo Ear Jacket

by Emma Klug | August 4th, 2014   

Ever since I first started working in an office environment I’ve been on the lookout for items that can convey hints of personality and fun in my working wardrobe while still remaining professional and put together. While some of my trend-spotting attempts have been more successful than others (I learned the hard way that stiletto nails are a no, especially when clacking away at a keyboard all day), I’d like to think I’ve gotten pretty good at identifying what trends to incorporate into my wardrobe. However, I did not see this one coming.

First it was the ear cuff, then the ear wrap, and now it’s the ear jacket that’s taking center stage and enticing me to name 2014 as the year for unconventional ear jewelry. Much like its predecessors, the ear jacket is versatile and depending on the size, shape, and stones/metal used, can be appropriate for a night on the town, a laid back afternoon or a day at the office.

10865 001 Todays Coveted Working Look: Baublebar Cairo Ear Jacket

The Cairo Ear Jacket, BaubleBar’s take on the new “got to have it” ear accessory, is an exceptionally refreshing example of how the ear jacket can be worn at the office. With its spiky backing that peeks out from under the ear lobe and slight sparkle in the post, the Cairo Ear Jacket adds a bit of an edge to your outfit without being too over baring.

10865 02 Todays Coveted Working Look: Baublebar Cairo Ear Jacket Available in both silver and gold, the Cairo Ear Jacket can go with just about any office look you put together and looks especially nice with pinned back hair or a simple up do that allows the ear jacket to be easily visible. It’s simple yet interesting, classic yet modern; and those are the sort of characteristics that make a piece go from a trending item to a wardrobe staple.